Check Out G.H. Hat’s Complete Catalogue on Spotify

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I believe the only place I have my complete catalogue of music is on Spotify.

Check out my EDM Music (6 singles) and Classical Albums (17) there.

Stay tuned for a couple of hot new singles coming out soon with featured singers Mickey Shiloh and Alina Renae.


” ‘Primal’ is an excellent example of a EDM production gone right. Its varied musical styles are actually compelling to dig into; you don’t necessarily have to be on the dance floor to enjoy them.” Brett Stewart

“On this track [Primal] G.H. Hat taps deep into the swollen heart of primal beat-based music and the best thing about this song is that it will not show age easily. At a time when EDM fads change overnight – what’s new today is gone tomorrow – G.H. Hat captures the cutting edge of trip hop and gives it his own personal flavor.” Jamsphere

“G.H. Hat is an exemplary master of subtlety on “Primal”…I’m probably onto my second hour straight listening to this track…it’s been the most fitting soundtrack to the late-night hours here at sleepingbagstudios. ” SleepingBagStudios

“This is the kind of track [Joyogistic] that stands out boldly from it’s peers in terms of how effectively the vast, creative input fuses with the professional and stylish output.”  Stereo StickMan

“I don’t know about you, but this is no cat in the hat trick; this G.H. Hat convinced me pretty much that this hat makes pretty awesome music!” Source:  Yeah I Know It Sucks

“…when an electronic producer like G.H. Hat comes along and releases solo piano pieces like “Piano Jam ( An Ode To Kygo)”, and now “Piano Jam 2 (Ode To Kygo)”, he puts all the skeptics at ease. He bridges the cultural gap between electronic and classical, lending credibility to both.”Source: Independent Music News

“I like hard rock, jazz, classical and I like to dance. I like the mindless Techno stuff when I am dancing, but I also wanted to bring something to the table that one can listen to while one is not on the dance floor.” Source: World News


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